The Autistic Child

A cluster of aberrations found in the autistic child - inability to interact with people in an ordinary way,  perpetuation of sameness in surroundings and behaviour, failure to use language as a communicative tool, and paradoxical intellectual profile. As strikingly unique as this set of symptoms may appear, diagnostic problems have risen because the symptoms rarely emerge in a clear, well-ordered fashion to form the full-blown syndrome of autism. They may also appear in varying degrees as well as combination in children with other disorders. 

Here are the symptoms of Autism:

Autistic Aloneness

  • Lack of visual and auditory response to people
  • Preference for objects to people
  • Failure to communicate with speech
  • Failure to develop feelings for others

Security in Sameness

  • Extreme sensitivity to environmental order and change
  • Resistance to changes in food, dress and bedtime routine
  • Ordering of objects
  • Stereotypic and ritualistic motor behaviour
  • Fascination and facility with objects

Echoes and Metaphors

  • Immediate and delayed echolalia
  • Reversal of pronouns
  • Literalness and part-whole confusion
  • Later language development

Islets of Brightness

  • Physical appearance and early development
  • Special motor and visual-spatial skills
  • Rote memory skills
  • Special reading skills
  • Specific musical talents

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