As humans, we are social beings who have a need to connect with others. We need to belong to a social group (e.g. family, friends, etc). Relationship-building is the process of establishing an emotional connection with others. This connection is based on trust and intimacy starting from birth.

Through relationships, children learn more about their world. They learn how to behave and communicate with others. Families play an important part in a child's life. When young children build trusting relationships with adults and other family members, they will view the world as a safe and secure place. By nurturing them in a warm and secure environment, the children will grow up to be responsive and caring people.

Warm and trusting relationships do not happen instantaneously. They are developed over a period of time. Relationships with children are built when you spend time interacting with them and responding to their needs. Connect with your child right from the beginning as it will determine the closeness between you and your child even in the later part of his/her life.

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